Bayard is a communications group of international scope which, with sales of 400 million dollars and 1500 employees around the world, is present today in 41 countries with over 110 different publications. This year, Bayard will have sold over 8 million books, as well as 7.4 million magazines each month. Through these publications, Bayard regularly reaches over 30 million readers everywhere on the planet. Bayard’s unique shareholder for the past 130 years has been the Catholic congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption, also present in numerous countries, who has always been very active in all sectors of communication (education, pilgrimages and media).

Bayard directs its efforts mainly around three great audiences: the Catholics in search of new ways of living their faith daily and renewing their Church; children and teens who have the need to discover and understand the world around them as well as to establish their identity; seniors who in the past thirty years have been emerging as a group with their own desires, worries, and needs. Within these groups, Bayard always looks to reach the greatest number, never to divide, but to find the means of creating strong human communities.

Bayard became a presence among the Catholic media in the United States in 1999, when it acquired Twenty-Third Publications, specialized in the publication of books, videos and magazines with a pastoral content. Then came the acquisition of the magazine Catholic Digest, a leader on its market with millions of readers. As in France, the goal of Bayard in the States is to promote the richest exchange between contemporary cultures and Catholicism. Today, Bayard is present in both markets, the parishes and the general public with the ambition of bringing its expertise to the local churches and helping them in their evangelical mission, and to imagine the public media of tomorrow which will allow Catholics to live their faith fully within contemporary cultures.

Leader on the English and French youth market, Bayard Canada is also leader in the senior market with Transcontinental as a partner, and in the religious market in partnership with St-Paul University. With its deep penetration of the youth market, Bayard Canada has weaved over the years strong relationships with all who, like the Débrouillards movement, are implicated in education and quality educational programs and media.